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Take a look at our safety guidelines and fitting advice below. Featuring advice and information often required when fitting various AS3 Performance parts such as silicone radiator hoses, brake lines, bolts and cables.

The articles are to be used strictly as a guide and AS3 Performance strongly recommend to have a qualified professional install and check all AS3 Performance parts.

Silicone Radiator Hoses

Here you will find a 12 step guide to assist you when installing your new AS3 Performance silicone hoses and stainless steel hose clips to avoid you damaging the parts which can easily happen when fitting silicone hoses. Torque settings for the hose clips are also included in this guide. 


Brake Lines

Brake lines can sometimes be a tricky part to install correctly but it’s very important that they are installed safely and securely, this guide will help you to make sure your new brake lines are routed correctly and all the hardware is torqued to the correct settings.


Flexi Levers

Our flexi levers are generally a very simple installation but in this guide you will find helpful tips for installing your new levers, recommended safety procedures before, during and after installation plus tips on how to set up the levers.


Aluminium and Stainless Steel Bolts, Nuts & Accessories

When installing replacement nuts and bolts on a motorcycle you must ensure that the replacement part is the same size and fit as the original part, this guide will explain how to correctly check each nut bolt is to ensure it is correct and provides detailed tips and advice on installing replacement bolts.